Michelle Verheij has started the LDE traineeship in September 2018. This year, she works as a Communication and Project Officer at the LDE Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa. Before starting this traineeship she graduated in Public International Law from Leiden University (in August 2018).

“Couldn’t get enough of the academic world”

“During my studies I started working at Leiden University as a student assistant. After a couple of months, I was working at three different departments – I just couldn’t get enough of the academic world. To me, working at a university means working at a place where knowledge is created and transferred, and where young people are inspired and prepared for wherever they might go after they graduate. The opportunities were endless: from organizing events to blending courses and from assisting staff members to advising on policy matters. The cherry on top was my position as student member of the Faculty Board at Leiden Law School. For a year I worked closely with many knowledgeable and inspiring persons, and it was a unique learning experience for me.”

“Working on ourselves together”

“While writing my Master thesis, I came across this traineeship and didn’t hesitate to apply. The LDE traineeship is not only a challenging job opportunity, but also a place where young professionals get to develop themselves in a unique way. I like how during these two years we will be working on ourselves together – we have our own learning process while also helping and learning from each other. The group is really ambitious and motivated, and we have a lot of fun together!”

“Diversity in everything”

“This year I am working at the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA). If you wonder what ‘frugal innovation’ is, check out the video below for a quick introduction. I love variation in my work and definitely found the right place for that. At the CFIA, there is diversity in everything. There is diversity in tasks. Just a couple of examples: this year I am organizing a week-long academic conference, looking at communication (with a focus on the intersection of research and policy), and I even do a little bit of research at one of the ongoing research projects. There is also diversity in people. On a daily basis I am working with people from all over the world, like support staff, teachers, students, researchers, professors, PhD students and more.”

“The sum is greater than the parts”

“Working at a Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre is really interesting. I like seeing how the three universities complement each other. The sum is greater than the parts. This is especially true for frugal innovation, which is a very multidisciplinary research area. The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus alliance brings the three universities together for a great cause.”

Michelle Verheij

Michelle Verheij

Trainee Communication and Project Officer

Michelle Verheij, LLM
TU Delft
Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA)